Our world is changing. We have the responsibility to treat it with care, for this and next generations to come.

Kind Technologies focusses on Agriculture & Food and Pharma. These markets are expected to grow in a sustainable manner coming decades. This growth is fueled by a growing and aging population (10 billion people in 2050), rise of the middle class, increased need for healthcare and provisioning of medicines and more healthy food. These demographics are backed by increased environmental awareness, urbanization, and track and trace-ability of production and distribution processes.

At the same time, we are confronted with scarcity in resources demanding renewed ways of producing, processing and distributing plants, food and medicine in the future. We have to minimize our ecological footprint with water, fertilizers, land and labor becoming increasingly scarce and at the same time increase our food and medicine production the coming years. It is this paradox that lies underneath our vision and technological roadmap.

We are on a mission to enable higher production yields through more efficient processes, addressing future growth with less resources, whilst quality and transparency are secured.

Kind Technologies’ industrial automation systems and robots ensure a more scalable, safe and consistent production process versus traditional processes based on pure human labor. We combine Robotics, Computer Vision and AI with proven mechatronics and software to realize advanced automation possibilities.

The results are more hygienic, controlled and consistent handling which is scalable and predictable by leveraging real-time data that is derived from all sensors and cameras. Ultimately, our technology enables our customers to increase their yield, with less plant, food and medicine waste and higher profits per square meter or production hour.

This way we can combine economic growth with contributing to a better world, where ideally no one suffers from hunger and all people have access to medicine as a basic provision.

Be Kind.

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