Our offering

We find it inspiring to leverage our personal and collective know-how, drive for innovation and technological leadership to address a significant and global challenge. Each individual engineer of our team is driven to develop mechatronic and robotic systems to improve processes, to make them more scalable and efficient and literally to take work of people’s hands.

Industrial Automation with Robotics, Computer Vision & AI

It is an honor to this for markets where quality is the baseline and where our technology can improve people’s quality of life. Markets where resources scarcity is becoming a significant challenge with a growing and aging population.

The Robotics that we develop can function 24/7/365 consistently, making them much more flexible and scalable than humans for optimal productivity and efficiency. Our computer Vison systems monitor quality in an objective way, high-speed day and night, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the actual product being processed. The data from the sensors and vision cameras generate constant flow of information that is used to optimize process control and data points that customers can use for quality assurance and track and traceability across value chains.

Combining these technologies with self-learning algorithms, machine- and deep learning as part of our AI roadmap creates exponential possibilities. It enables our systems to become better as more data is gathered, as more vision images are collected from the organic products we process. By training algorithms through use, they accumulate customer- and market specific know-how and guaranteed optimized yields and performances. The real-time data is used for process control and predictive action like forecasting future yields, and maintenance or other actions required.

Ultimately the data will be combined by AI data analytics systems reducing waste, and optimizing productivity.

In our markets this technological innovation results in better, efficient, and safer provisioning and distribution of plats and food for the globe. Less waste, higher quality and increased food safety. That is why we are Kind Technologies.

Our applications






Grading, inspection and classification of organic products, vegetables and fruit to determine quality and product characteristics such as weight, dimensions, shape to optimize uniform look and minimize (give-away) waste.


Grading, inspection and classification of food products and associated packaging to ensure product integrity and quality.


Buffering, stacking, tilting and transporting horticultural products such as plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit including the facilitation of the sorting and packing of the product and the material handling of the packaging materials including.


Transport of food related products and packaging materials including crates, boxes and pallets.


Automatic handling and processing of vegetable and fruit by robots instead of humans to optimize efficiency and output and to take work of people’s hands, including robotic packing, palletizing and processing of the products, its packaging materials and the actual packed product.


Automatic picking and placing of food items into packages in a hygienic, efficient and scalable manner. Flow of product can be automated including the automatic picking of random placed products.


Collection and processing of relevant data of organic products, plants, vegetables and fruit such as weight, information about quality and origin like greenhouse row including track and traceability of intermediate steps during the products’ transport. Real-time and offline data including automatic processing through AI.


Monitoring of (unique) product and package codes including interpretation of its contents and quality enabling full track and tracing and serialization within value chains.