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Kind Technologies was founded by two entrepreneurs who acquired a small technology company. Since then, Kind Technologies, grew to a leading high-tech vision and robotics company of more than 180 FTE, active worldwide.

Realizing sustainable growth in such short time can only be done with the right people, the right attitude, in an environment that is based on transparency and trust.

The key to this success is our people and the culture we have cultivated jointly.

Our story
Be kind

Working at kind technologies

We understand that knowledge is key, however only part of the success.

To build a unique group, we attract unique people who add their personal touch to the group.

At Kind Technologies, you are never just an employee or an individual.

Each team member is vitally important and has unique skills, characteristics that contribute to the whole.

We cherish authenticity, and diversity and give our people the freedom and space to develop themselves, their expertise and ambition, in a high-tech environment.


At Kind Technologies, each person matters. Each colleague can be him or herself and work in an environment where errors can be made, and initiative is stimulated. Our people get a lot of freedom and responsibility and can determine their own future within the company as well as the destiny of the company collectively. We offer our people perspective and opportunity to grow, learn and to work in different areas as we are active local, global and multidisciplinary from a technology perspective.

A unique group where a culture of authenticity, creativity and initiative connects individuals.

Our Leading Principles

Create your own destiny. Dream and dream BIG, to leverage the power of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Do not wait for tomorrow if it can be done today. Freedom and Accountability are one. Make decisions and take actions needed.

Think out of the circle – improve and innovate, as a person and for the business.

Walk the extra mile and do not give up.

Promote diversity and respect. Enable individuals to develop and flourish from their individual strengths and personalities.

We are on a mission for a better world and invite (our) people to come with ideas, to challenge the status quo and to grow with us.
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Dynamic and growing organization

At Kind Technologies people can develop themselves and evolve over time when their interest or personal situation changes. Kind Technologies is a dynamic and growing organization; processes and systems need to be evaluated and adapted constantly. At Kind Technologies people can invent, define and implement the processes, systems and policies needed to improve their work and to further professionalize the organization. This means that not everything is fixed and that you can influence the process and outcome. Initiatives are appreciated and stimulated and with a good story the chances are big that you can execute your plan. Processes need to facilitate our work and business, and not be bureaucratic

Our job offerings


C++ Software Developer (Eindhoven)

As a software engineer, you will further develop our own software for computer vision applications in the industrial automation industry

Engineering & Technology Manager

Als Engineering en Technology Manager van KOAT ben je verantwoordelijk voor de gehele technische operatie en maak je onderdeel uit van het 4-koppige managementteam

Mechanical Engineer (Someren)

Als Mechanical Engineer ben je verantwoordelijk voor de productie-engineering van machines. Je bent in staat om de constructie in detail uit te werken en om het overzicht te bewaken in totale machinelijn en Robotsystemen

Electrical Engineer (Someren)

Als Electrical Engineer ga je zelfstandig het elektrotechnisch ontwerp opzetten van systemen die ingezet gaan worden voor intern transport en oogstverwerkingsmachines binnen de glastuinbouw

Automation/PLC Engineer (Someren)

Als Automation Engineer ben je verantwoordelijk voor de hard- en software engineering, testen en inbedrijfstellen van machines. Je bent een breed inzetbare, enthousiaste techneut die alle facetten van het besturingsvak beheerst

Projectmanager (Eindhoven en Someren)

Als projectmanager bij werk je voor verschillende bedrijven binnen de groep. Je draagt verantwoordelijkheid voor de juiste kwaliteit en het juiste rendement

Assembly Engineer (Someren)

Als allround monteur machinebouw ben je vanaf het begin van het traject betrokken bij een project en assembleer je zelfstandig of in teamverband complete machinelijnen of delen daarvan

Service Engineer (Someren)

Als Service Engineer zorg je ervoor dat onze klanten zo probleemloos mogelijk, optimaal gebruik kunnen maken van hun KOAT-systemen

Inkoop en logistiek medewerker (Eindhoven)

Als inkoop en logistiek medewerker ben je verantwoordelijk voor alles wat binnenkomt, hoe het binnenkomt en wat er naar buiten gaat.

Administratief medewerker (Eindhoven)

Als administratief medeweker ben je verantwoordelijk voor de administratie rondom het inkoop/supply chain proces binnen Crux Agribotics

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Linda Prinsen
Finance & HR Officer
Charlotte Jannes
Marketing & Recruitment