Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th of April, Jason Turner visited us to give us his C++ Best Practices software engineering training. Jason is a world renowned C++ speaker and trainer, we invited him to give us his Best Practices training, to bring us up to date with the latest C++ skills and techniques.


Day one was kicked off with fundamental principles of C++ and how to ‘think like the compiler’. It was enlightening to see how we can understand the highest level features by looking at the lowest level details of what the CPU is doing. After the first few hours that focussed on the theoretical side we dove into the Object Lifetime exercises, many were simply phrased like this:


But can only be answered by understanding exactly what rules are in play and how they affect object lifetime.

Jason also talked about how to handle data in such a way that it can be processed with optimal efficiency.
By the end of the first day we were no longer surprised that Marco was always being allocated in the exact same place. (inside joke, sorry)


On day two, we learned about the algorithms in the standard library (highly optimized and proven), about move-semantics, tooling, unit-testing and automatic code analysis.

This brought us at the end of the two days, 1042 slides, group lunch and many, many exercises.
I believe we can look back to a course that gave us a solid base vocabulary to talk about new c++ features and also many very practical guidelines that apply directly to our daily work.

Thanks Jason!

“By training our software-developers and applying Jason’s Best Practices we keep improving our development process and create even higher quality software that is efficient and sustainable, resulting in better products for our clients.”

For sure, we all learned a lot during these two days and even though we had people with different levels of understanding C++ in the room, from people just starting, till people with over 20 years of experience, there was something to be learned for all of us.

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