The last 8 years, One of A Kind Technologies has become a known name within the high-tech industry. It was awarded with multiple awards for fast growing scale-up and recognized for its technological leadership.

The company has evolved strongly over the last years. A new growth strategy was defined two years ago which focusses on industrial automation with computer vision and robotics within the Agriculture, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Kind Technologies fits better as a name to our new strategy’, says Richard Vialle, CCO & Founder of the company. “We are on a mission to contribute to a better world where food and medicines are better distributed over the world and resource scarcity is addressed through advanced automation. With our technology, we want to contribute to a world where the population can grow, without anyone having to suffer from hunger. A world where availability of good medicines is a basic provision. Our roadmap around industrial automation with computer vision and robotics enable more efficient and scalable production processes where quality is safeguarded and all intermediate steps can be tracked and traced across value chains”.

Through significant investments into pro-active sales, services and R&D towards its growth markets, Kind Technologies strives to accumulate a large portfolio of modular and repeatable IP that can be delivered to the market through direct sales and indirect partnerships.

As we develop repeatable IP instead of one-off systems, combined with our mission to contribute to a better world, we believe that KIND TECHNOLOGIES is much better suited.

The known visual image, as part of the brand name, will remain the same.

We are proud of the achievements we have realized so far with the entire team. Growing from 9 to 150 FTE in 8 years and delivering our technology world-wide is not a given. This can only be done with the right people, the right attitude, in an environment that is based on transparency and trust.

Be Kind.